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Aims Of SVP School

It is the aim of a good school to provide the best possible education to its students. This, therefore, is the aim of SVP School. Our primary aim is to develop in the student to become a meaningful part of his environment and to see that courage and industry have their due reward. The pursuit of excellence encouraged at SVP School rests on the positive belief that every man has it in him to produce work, the quality of which can be described as first class.

Towards this end, the school endeavours to provide a large and dedicated teaching staff with a wide range of skills and interests, a varied and wide choice of activities-academic, aesthetic and athletic, an environment enriched with the excitement of discovery, challenge and competitiveness and discipline based on the belief that responsibility comes before freedom.

Education does not commence with the alphabet. It begins with a mother’s look, with a father’s nod of appreciation or a sign of reproof, with a sister’s gentle pressure of the hand, or a brother’s noble act. With meadows, with birds nests admired, but not touched, with creeping ants, and almost imperceptible elements, with humming bees and beehives, with pleasant walks in shady lanes and with thoughts directed in Sweet and kind tones and words to nature, to beauty, to acts benevolent, to needs of virtue and to the source of all to God himself.

The Iron Man Of India

Faith is of no avail in absence of strength. Faith and strength, both are essential to accomplish any great work.

Your goodness is impediment in your way, so let your eyes be red with anger, and try to fight the injustice with a firm hand.

Work is undoubtedly worship but laughter is life. Any one who takes life too seriously must prepare himself for a miserable existence. Anyone who greets joys and sorrows with equal facility can really get the best of life.

Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel

Message From The Logo

The Motto

“Let there be light – light of knowledge and wisdom.”

Open Book Or Wings Of Bird

“Symbolizes knowledge – to rise higher and achieve the goal of life.”

The Triangle

“Symbolizes stability in life through knowledge and wisdom.”

The Flame

“Symbolizes light which removes ignorance from life.”

The White Colour

“Symbolizes purity – in thoughts, action and attitude.”